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Aayami tyre tube guard instructions

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aayami tyre tube guard chart

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  1.  Must check Your wheel alignment or balancing.
  2.  Shake well before Use.
  3.  Tyre Tube Guard Can works on both old & new tyres, but best performance can be expected on new tyre/tube.
  4. After filling the tyre tube guard drive the vehicle for at least 5 kilometer 40 – 60 km speed to ensure the the tyre tube guard is spread across the whole tyre/tube.
  5. Air pressure should be checked every once & then correct air pressure should be maintained as recommended by the manufactures.
  6. Immediately after removing the puncture object i.e., thorns, nail, screws etc. the vehicle should be moved at least one km distance to seal the puncture.
  7. The customer should check external objects every now & then.
  8. Aayami tyre tube guard will seal 99% of punctures depends up on the maintenance & conditions of the tyres & tubes.

How to Fill ?

3 simple steps!

1. Remove the air pressure valve of your tyre to let the air release totally & remove the core pin too.
2. Plugin the injection nose of ‘Aayami Tyre Tube Guard’ bottle & squeeze it fully.
3. Now wipe and clean the valve, reinsert core pin & fill up air all over again!


Now, you’re all set to live a ‘Puncture Free Life’ !

Where tyre tube guard will not work .

  1. Mouth Portion of the tyre /tube.
  2.  Joint portion of the tube.
  3. Side wall of the tyre or tube . (due to gravity tyre tube guard  is in ground level bottom area of tyre)
  4.  When the quantity of the tyre tube guard filled less to the dosage chart.
  5. Puncture size is too big. ( its seal puncture size  upto 4mm for two wheelers, 6mm for LMV & 10mm for HVM)
  6. Success rate of Aayami tyre tube guard depends up on the air pressure maintenance & conditions of the tyres & tubes.