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Aayami Puncture Solution

799.00 Rs

A Product which makes your Tyres totally Puncture-Proof as it is a Product which immediately fills up the puncture hole with a specialised ‘Foam Based Solution’, so that the inflated air never gets a chance to make an exit, thus keeping your tyre bloated throughout in spite of a puncture!
Secondly, it is a Product which is very easy to use! So easy that you can set up the same in just 3 simple steps!
So, what are you waiting for?  Take the decision now to make your life puncture-free forever !!

Green for Tube tyre & BLUE for Tubeless tyre

500ML – 1 Bottle



Aayami Puncture Solution

The passion to drive is in everyone’s veins here for the journey open the door to the future. So why did puncture hindrance in the success of tomorrow? “Aayami Puncture solution” The instant mantra of every puncture problem. A made in India product which tested worldwide was giving you a lifelong puncture-free ride.

Now get yourself comfortable without worrying about tyres.


Green for tube tyre

Tyres with the tube can burst anytime with a small hole or the inflated air can exit from the leakage, with a specialized “Oil-based liquid”,  Aayami puncture solution immediately fills up the hole or leakage. Thus make sure keeping your tyre bloated throughout in spite of a puncture.


Blue for tubeless tyre

Tubeless tyres can float easily with small leakage and puncture, but when the counts of the hole are more than one or the size is bigger than expected will be a big reason for the breakdown. Aayami Puncture solution seals up to 4mm puncture and a fast-spreading capacity covers many holes in a quick time.

Easy to fill

The quick three steps can resolve all the puncture problems for a life time. So easy to set up and flexible to fill, applicable anytime and anyplace.

Hot is Cool

Our oil-based solution works according to the temperature of 30⁰C to +60⁰C and reduces overheating problems.

Fuel Economy

The “advanced oil-based liquid” maintain the air pressure helps you make a smooth ride which saves your time and increase up to 5% of mileage in every ride.

Affordable prices

One solution for all puncture-related problems, Aayami Puncture solution India’s cheap and best puncture solution. A trust of buying products with the world’s largest online selling platform Amazon. Get some instant discount over the product price

Made In India

We never compromise with your trust. Aayami Puncture solution an Indian product is well tested and internationally certified, reliable in all your expectations and approved by millions of Indian customers.

Large Disk

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India's Best Tyre sealant AAYAMI Puncture Solution

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Weight 500 g
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Tube Tyre, Tubeless Tyre