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Tyre Tube Guard

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A Product which makes your Tyres totally Puncture-Proof as it is a Product which immediately fills up the puncture hole with a specialised ‘Foam Based Solution’, so that the inflated air never gets a chance to make an exit, thus keeping your tyre bloated throughout in spite of a puncture!
Secondly, it is a Product which is very easy to use! So easy that you can set up the same in just 3 simple steps!
So, what are you waiting for? Take the decision now to make your life puncture-free forever !!

RED for Tube tyre & BLUE for Tubeless tyre

500ML – 1 Bottle


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Easy to fill.

You don’t have to worry or go through the complex procedure to fill it. Our products are super easy to operate and use as well.

Aayami tyre tube guard

Extend life tyres.

As we know any type of rubber will suffer from friction and heat, and over time it will tend to dry out and crack. Our product serves to soften and condition the tyre tread structure and thus extends tyre’s life.

Improves fuel economy.

our product tends to draw heat away from the inside of the tread material of the tyre and helps it to use the fuel efficiently.

Aayami tyre tube guard
Aayami tyre tube guard

All season & temperature

There is no need to wait or panic from the changing season. Our product is well protected from external effects, thus allowing it to keep on running irrespective of nature and climate.

An USA product.

You don’t need to worry about the trust issues. Our products are well tested and internationally certified, eliminating every limitation from the customer end.

Aayami tyre tube guard
Aayami tyre tube guard

For entire life of tyre

Our products consist of reinforcingfiller which is incorporated into the tyre rubber compound. This not only sustains levels of grip but also provides excellent traction throughout the tyre's life. So because o it you are not required to fill it every other day. Just once and you are good to go for lifetime!


Maintain air pressure.

Our products prevent tyres to naturally deflate over time as Aayami Tyre Sealant helps to eliminate porosity leaks and thus maintain proper air pressure in tyre/ tube.


Aayami tyre tube guard
Aayami tyre tube guard

Reduce temperature

do you know? Tyres last longer if they are properly inflated and have balanced run cooler. The life could increase upto 25% or more if it possesses less flexing, bounce and fatigue features. And you know what? Our product consists of all.


Seal multiple punctures.

we can keep your fleet running by eliminating 85-95% of flat tyres due to punctures in the crown of a tyre, making any tyre into a self-sealing tyre. It not only reduces the cost but also reduces costly road service calls, and eliminates run-flats.


Aayami tyre tube guard
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