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Premium Tyre Sealant - Aayami tyre tube guard

Premium Tyre Sealant – Aayami tyre tube guard

Gone are the days when punctures were the main hurdles in one’s road to success.

Times have changed and so has the technology.

Therefore, keeping the idea of a a ‘Puncture Free India’ in mind, many ‘tyre sealant’ products have been launched by numerous companies by non of them survived in the market due to their cheap qualities,false marketing and sky high pricing.

Looking at the same, we thought of a product, which must be durable and must be of great use to the people who love to drive or ride.

After a lot of research and market analysis, we finally managed launch a product which has all what the other tyre sealents in the market did not have.

Thus, here we present a revolutionary product in the tyre industry know as the Best ‘Aayami Tyre Tube Guard’ !

In the scenario of a mid way puncture, Tyre Sealant works like a Superhero! It immediately fills up the hole made by any horny object with a ‘Specialized Foam Solution’ thus maintaining the tyre pressure!

Additionally, setting it up with your tyres is also very easy – you can do it in 3 easy steps – Open the air pressure valve, Plug in the nose of the Best ‘Aayami Tyre Tube Guard’, Now squeeze the bottle, swipe it off with a cloth and refill the air and you are good to go !

Riding with ‘Aayami Tyre Tube Guard’ gives you the utmost confidence by making your vehicle, a ‘Puncture Proof Vehicle’ !

And yes, keep in mind to buy only the Original ‘Aayami Tyre Tube Guard’ only as we promise you to provide you the premium one!



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