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Why Tyre Sealant is Important?

Why Tyre Sealant is Important?

Tyres are the foundation of every vehicle. When was the last time you inspect your tyres for wear damages? Can’t remember? We don’t blame you, because it’s something riders often take for granted. Panic only sets in when something goes wrong while driving.

As unique as tyres are, they are prone to lots of problems if proper measures to take care of the tyres are not considered. Aayami tyre tube guard eliminates all tyre problems and gives you a long and safe solution. If the tyres have major punctures or leaks our sealant will do its job to help you and reduce the damage to travel with deflated tyres.

Aayami tyre tube guard Tyre can be used for both tubeless and tubed tyres

Tyre sealant can be used for both tubed and tubeless tyres. For tubed tyres, they go straight into the tube while for tubeless tyres they remain between the tread and the wheel.

Extremely useful for road trips and long journeys to make sure small puncture doesn’t cause trouble.

They are potential lifesavers when you’re travelling far away from home. You can have multiple punctures on a long journey and having a sealant is bound to reduce the number of repairs and headache you have during the journey.

Prolongs the life of old tyres

“Aayami tyre tube guard help old tyres to stay for a bit longer.” However, Old tyres will have the capacity to stay for a long period of life. In short, Aayami tyre tube guard can increase your tyres life.

No effects on wheel alignment or tyre balance as long as you add the right amount

Tyre sealant occupies very less space in the tyres and often just thinly coat the inner lining. As long as you don’t overdo it, the sealant does not affect your wheel balance or alignment at all. The weight is negligible and the effect is minimal. The air displaced by the sealant too is extremely minimal as compared to the overall capacity of the tyre.

Advantages of Aayami tyre tube guard

– Aayami tyre tube guard is a fast, suitable and affordable solution for all kind of tyres. Within a few second of inserting the sealant, it starts working.

– Our sealants allow riders to drive away without removing the tyre. This entire process takes only a few moments to fill the puncture and leakage.

– After inserting the sealant when the vehicle gets started, because of the tire’s heat, the sealant consistently spread around the inside of the tyre and start working. That means no you do not have to find the leakage it will automatically be blocked up.

How Aayami tyre tube guard Work?

Once installed, the sealant forms a protective layer inside the tyre. When a puncture occurs, the internal pressure of the tyre instantly pushes the sealant into the cavity. The special sealant formula accumulates and bond to the rubber in the cavity. A solid rubber plug is formed through the full depth of the puncture hole. This forms a more secure and superior repair than a traditional plug that is inserted from the outside of the tyre.