Tyre Tube Guard

Speeding is now a way of life in the modern era. Everyone loves to cruize through the roads all day long but what we generally neglect is the safety of the tyres of our vehicle.

Sudden tyre punctures & tyre bursts due to frictional heat are becoming common day by day resulting in fatalities. But, not to worry, here comes AAYAAMI Tyre Tube Guard – The Superhero of tyre & Tubes safety that too at a price you’d love!

Now Say Bye-Bye to tyre bursts and punctures &
Say Hello to Aayaami !

aayami tyre tube gurad

for tubeless

The sad reality of Tubeless tyres is Tubeless only & not ‘Punctureless' 🙁 But, worry not as our revolutionary product makes your Tubeless tyre, a ‘Punctureless' tyre! Now every ride will be a Fun Ride that too at a pocket-friendly price!

for tube tyre

Having a vehicle with tyres that have tubes in it keeps one worried of sudden flattening while riding, thus keeping you at bay from a pleasurable ride. But our product immunes your tyres towards burst due to frictional heat & puncture, making your ride worry free like a king!

aayami tyre tube gurad


Aayami tyre tube guard I Say no to puncture

Easy to fill

You don’t have to worry or go through the complex procedure to fill it. Our products are super easy to operate and use as well.

Extend life tyres

As we know any type of rubber will suffer from friction and heat, and over time it will tend to dry out and crack.

Fuel economy

our product tends to draw heat away from the inside of the tread material of the tyre and helps it to use the fuel efficiently.

All season
& temperature

There is no need to wait or panic from the changing season. Our product is well protected from external effects, thus allowing it to keep on running irrespective of nature and climate


You don’t need to worry about the trust issues. Our products are well tested and internationally certified, eliminating every limitation from the customer end.

For entire

Our products consist of reinforcingfiller which is incorporated into the tyre rubber compound. This not only sustains levels of grip but also provides excellent traction throughout the tyre's life.

Now, Ultimate Safety comes to you with an offer hard to resist!

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Use in any kind of vehicle

aayami tyre tube guard
aayami tyre tube guard
aayami tyre tube guard
aayami tyre tube guard
aayami tyre tube guard
aayami tyre tube guard
aayami tyre tube guard
aayami tyre tube guard

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